The 1st Draft of Graham Linehan

by Rod Dunne on February 8, 2012

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“All the first draft is is the notes to write a script proper.”
– Graham Linehan

It takes so long to get a 1st draft, a scratch track or a first cut of anything, and involves so much effort, that you become too precious about it. Too constrained about changing it.

The first draft is just the base of your stew. All the flavor happens in what you put in next.

Basecamps to the Summit

It may sound simple but the base layer in a track, the 1st draft in creative writing or the base coat in a painting are never meant to be perfect. You’ll record/write/paint over these in due course.  They are just the notes to begin with before you start creating proper.

Grahams quote above appeared on the DVD commentary for the IT Crowd. And it was timely advice. I’ve spent two days battling with a new song and some new writing trying to force each of them into a structure.

I’ve now passed basecamp 1st draft and am heading for the summit. :§)>


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