Terra Swarm (Linien Primae Terrasodes) Just Released!

by Rod Dunne on July 16, 2012

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Finally unleashing my sci-fi novel Terra Swarm – the first of my science fiction series featuring the autonomous anti-hero Linien Primae.

TERRA SWARM by Rod Dunne

Available in various formats:

The Back Cover Teaser

Linien Primae is awoken to answer the call of duty every Terra Swarm space explorer must face – rejoining a long established hive mother ship on the way to habitable planets. But what he finds aboard the hive makes him question the very logic and voluntary servitude his mission demanded of him.

Commercial enterprise had used cues from social animals in nature to form terra swarms of individual space craft to explore, probe and infest the galaxy. As suitable terra firma was identified swarms of craft consolidated as hive ships. They were all meant to be bound by swarm intelligence directives to ensure the best chance of long-term survival.

The nature was right. The execution flawed.

What’s the book about?

On the surface my books deal with major themes. The first installment ‘Terra Swarm‘ focused firmly on positive & negative liberty.

The sci-fi genre is used as the catalyst for putting these themes across, without myself and the reader getting hung up by modern day baggage.

My writing contains a natural sprinkling of suspense, intrigue, romance and humor. But dig deeper and you can unearth sub-text relating to psychology, politics, sociology, religion and philosophy.

Terrasodes: More to Come From Linien Primae

I’m currently working on a series of Terrasodes – episodic books detailing deep space exploration and terra formation. The books will delve into the odyssey of autonomous anti-hero Linien Primae.

My current blueprint for the series consists of 6 books in total, though the number increases as I keep thinking of new themes to cover and adventures for Linien & Co. to experience.

Cover Design

The cover art is called Barcelona Muse (Acrylic on Canvas) by Rod Dunne.

It’s a piece I did previous to the book, and YES, it does have a bearing on the story… but you’ll have to read the book to find out :c)

Terra Swarm by Rod Dunne Front Cover

TERRA SWARM by Rod Dunne

Available in various formats:

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