Whiteboarding Ideas for a Fiction Novel

by Rod Dunne July 16, 2012
Whiteboarding Ideas for a Fiction Novel using Post-Its - Arcs, Scenes, Characters, Themes and Concepts

I feel writing takes a great deal of planning before I’m happy to get typing… at least to write anything decent. I can’t just sit down (literally), day 1, chapter 1, page 1, and start writing. This needs some foreplay (figuratively) before I put pen to paper. Here’s a peek at my whiteboard for my next novel […]

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41 Lessons Learned From My 41 Years on This Planet

by Rod Dunne May 3, 2012

I may never discover what potpourri is for. Stephen Hawkings doesn’t know either. That makes us equals in my books. Most people don’t know what they want to do when they grow up. And most folk never will. The fun part is the journey so try to do as many jobs as possible. It’s easier […]

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