Where Do Clouds Come From?

by Rod Dunne May 3, 2012

Where do clouds come from? Big chimneys on the sun And where do dreams come from? Your mother weaved them all Don’t you forget my son I told you not to hurt no-one You’ll be the judge of that Another You, another Me, another pharaoh taking liberties And just don’t stand for that Some day […]

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The Band That Never Met: Collaborative Songs Built Across 3000 Miles in 4 Weeks

by Rod Dunne March 3, 2012

Its been a long spell since my last music post. Thankfully, recent collaborations as part of an online collective going under the name The Electro Musician mean some completely new tunes are now down, mixed & mastered. The tune itself ‘Better Days’ has been one of the most enjoyable pieces to work on thanks to my […]

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Perfect Pop | Outdoor Miner By Wire

by Rod Dunne January 23, 2011

No blind spots in leopard’s eyes Can only help to jeopardize The lives of lambs, the shepherd cries If you’re going to pick one song, above all others, which you wish you’d written, then for me it’d be Outdoor Miner by Wire. It’s a song that sums up for me what the perfect pop song […]

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