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The Back Story Behind Soundings (Linien Primae Terrasodes)

by Rod Dunne December 3, 2012
Soundings Dust Cover

Delighted to say that my new sci-fi novel Soundings is now on general release in the wild (and not so wild) and on the shelves. So it’s a good time to give you a little overview of how it came to fruition & what you can expect. Links to the different book formats are in […]

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Dispatches from Planet EREBUS

by Rod Dunne September 20, 2012

Our own correspondent: Linien Primae Fact is, the landing didn’t go well. The Spirit of Eden is busted up. The other craft didn’t have an easy time of it either – atmospheric contamination killed propulsion. The Serendipity landed to the north, distress signal transmitting but no comms so I’ve sent a search party. Gjoa isn’t […]

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