Seduced by Fraternity, Destroyed by Erebus – My New Sci-Fi Novel

by Rod Dunne October 9, 2012
Erebus Paperback Cover

Erebus, my new sci-fi novel, went on release today so I thought I’d provide you with some background about the book’s themes, story & genesis. Links to the book are in the right-hand border and also on my Amazon Profile page and my Lulu Profile page. Give me the story pitch? The back cover synopsis […]

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Kill Your Heroes: The Age of the Villainous-Hero is Here

by Rod Dunne July 19, 2012

The summers I had from 7 to 12 years old now seem so locked into my memory as glorious salad days. Maybe I’m being nostalgic about it but 1977-1982 was a period when I realized a great love for music, books and movies. Especially the movies! From ‘75 onward there just seemed to be fantastic […]

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