by Rod Dunne on July 17, 2012

As and when I get around to producing songs then I’ll put them up centrally here.

This is an eclectic mix of tunes & collaborations I’ve worked on.

Where Do Clouds Come From? by Rod Dunne

  • Credits: Written, Produced & Performed by: Rod Dunne
  • This new tune was something I wrote about a dysfunctional father & son combo. Started out being a calypso tune and following several incarnations (including Northern Soul vibe) has ended up with some sweet horns & strings.
  • Genre: Reggae/Ska

Number One by Rod Dunne

  • Credits: Written, Produced & Performed by: Rod Dunne
  • This is one of my older tunes that I love playing, tweaking and revisiting with new ideas.
  • Genre: Ska

Take Me for Who I Am by R Dunne, C Heskins, CJ Webb & J Gallagher

  • Credits:  Written by Carrie Heskins, Carolyn J Webb, John Gallagher, Rod Dunne
  • Rough drum & bass mix of ‘Take Me For Who I Am’. Drum & bass remix production by Rod Dunne
  • Genre: Drum & Bass

Better Days by R Dunne & P Sharpe

  • Credits: Written, performed, and produced by +Patrick Sharpe and +Rod Dunne
  • This ska track was a collaboration by two people who have never met and are separated by more than 3000 miles. One in New York and the other in Ireland. +Patrick Sharpe and +Rod Dunne.
  • Genre: Ska

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