Social Media for Time Travelers

by Rod Dunne on March 11, 2012

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A guest post by H.G.Wells

Greetings time travelers. I feel esteemed today to talk with you across space and time. However, I must highlight something which may impact our future conversations.

Social Media for Time Travelers

We have been fortunate enough to be able to use Samuel Morse’s electronic telegraph for communicating our dots and dashes across the ether and across the years. And as each new form of communication has came along it has been with a happy heart that we can still use our Morse code machines as a client interface with the majority of future receivers.

Even the use of ADSL lines (asymmetric digital subscriber line) for Internet signals have simply meant our series of dots and dashes are transferred into zeros and ones. Result!

However, I have grave tidings to behold.

I have been informed by Master Roderick Dunne from the year 2012 that our Morse code signals are being garbled when processed within Google+. The following should help clarify.

Google Plus Morse Messages

How G+ garbles morse messages when processing dashes

Obviously these miscommunications have grave implications. Not least on my milk bill upon returning from the future.

What this means for the time being (or whatever time in which you be) is that fellow time travelers communicating using Morse code should target SMS receivers for the moment.

I know that our Morse signals also work within Twitter, but darn it to hell I run out of 140 characters typing out my blooming name in Morse code!

Yours sincerely

H.G. Wells

RMS Titanic 14th of April 1912

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