Hail to My Commute Buddies

by Rod Dunne on February 25, 2012

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Commute Buddies

Hail to commute buddies
I see every day
As I go to B
And you come from A

Hail to the cagers
All sullen and glum
The traffics got worse
This ain’t any fun

Hail to the peddlers
In bright hi-viz vests
You’re healthier by far
Than all of the rest

Hail to my train mates
We never lock eyes
But look at our smartphones
Our books and our lives

Hail to the make-up girls
Putting on their face
This still hypnotizes me
You do it with grace

The commute is our buffer
Round work starts and ends
Decompressing our foibles
And avoiding the bends

So, Hail to my commute buddies
I see every day
But not in the evenings
You must stay back late

Author Rod Dunne...

Blog owner and writer Rod DunneI am the founder & sole writer on Squidinky.com. This is my personal blog detailing my creative writing. This includes novel writing (check out Terra Swarm, Erebus, and Soundings) and song writing.

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