Behind the Scenes: Writing the Opening Paragraphs of Terra Swarm

by Rod Dunne December 7, 2012
Getting Started on Terra Swarm - The Opening Paragraphs

Here is the opening to Terra Swarm      “Where am I?” Linien mumbled, his eyes struggling to see where he was. The buffeting of the room rattled his view of the few clearly lit things he could see. Then, a figure dressed in yellow moved into view. “Stay put Linien. You’re waking too early.” the female […]

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The Back Story Behind Soundings (Linien Primae Terrasodes)

by Rod Dunne December 3, 2012
Soundings Dust Cover

Delighted to say that my new sci-fi novel Soundings is now on general release in the wild (and not so wild) and on the shelves. So it’s a good time to give you a little overview of how it came to fruition & what you can expect. Links to the different book formats are in […]

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Seduced by Fraternity, Destroyed by Erebus – My New Sci-Fi Novel

by Rod Dunne October 9, 2012
Erebus Paperback Cover

Erebus, my new sci-fi novel, went on release today so I thought I’d provide you with some background about the book’s themes, story & genesis. Links to the book are in the right-hand border and also on my Amazon Profile page and my Lulu Profile page. Give me the story pitch? The back cover synopsis […]

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Dispatches from Planet EREBUS

by Rod Dunne September 20, 2012

Our own correspondent: Linien Primae Fact is, the landing didn’t go well. The Spirit of Eden is busted up. The other craft didn’t have an easy time of it either – atmospheric contamination killed propulsion. The Serendipity landed to the north, distress signal transmitting but no comms so I’ve sent a search party. Gjoa isn’t […]

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Terra Swarm (Linien Primae Terrasodes) Just Released!

by Rod Dunne July 16, 2012
Terra Swarm by Rod Dunne

Finally unleashing my sci-fi novel Terra Swarm – the first of my science fiction series featuring the autonomous anti-hero Linien Primae. TERRA SWARM by Rod Dunne Available in various formats: Kindle format (Amazon) eBook/ePub format (Lulu) Paperback format (Lulu) The Back Cover Teaser Linien Primae is awoken to answer the call of duty every Terra Swarm […]

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