Behind the Scenes: Writing the Opening Paragraphs of Terra Swarm

by Rod Dunne December 7, 2012
Getting Started on Terra Swarm - The Opening Paragraphs

Here is the opening to Terra Swarm      “Where am I?” Linien mumbled, his eyes struggling to see where he was. The buffeting of the room rattled his view of the few clearly lit things he could see. Then, a figure dressed in yellow moved into view. “Stay put Linien. You’re waking too early.” the female […]

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The Back Story Behind Soundings (Linien Primae Terrasodes)

by Rod Dunne December 3, 2012
Soundings Dust Cover

Delighted to say that my new sci-fi novel Soundings is now on general release in the wild (and not so wild) and on the shelves. So it’s a good time to give you a little overview of how it came to fruition & what you can expect. Links to the different book formats are in […]

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Seduced by Fraternity, Destroyed by Erebus – My New Sci-Fi Novel

by Rod Dunne October 9, 2012
Erebus Paperback Cover

Erebus, my new sci-fi novel, went on release today so I thought I’d provide you with some background about the book’s themes, story & genesis. Links to the book are in the right-hand border and also on my Amazon Profile page and my Lulu Profile page. Give me the story pitch? The back cover synopsis […]

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Dispatches from Planet EREBUS

by Rod Dunne September 20, 2012

Our own correspondent: Linien Primae Fact is, the landing didn’t go well. The Spirit of Eden is busted up. The other craft didn’t have an easy time of it either – atmospheric contamination killed propulsion. The Serendipity landed to the north, distress signal transmitting but no comms so I’ve sent a search party. Gjoa isn’t […]

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Kill Your Heroes: The Age of the Villainous-Hero is Here

by Rod Dunne July 19, 2012

The summers I had from 7 to 12 years old now seem so locked into my memory as glorious salad days. Maybe I’m being nostalgic about it but 1977-1982 was a period when I realized a great love for music, books and movies. Especially the movies! From ‘75 onward there just seemed to be fantastic […]

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Whiteboarding Ideas for a Fiction Novel

by Rod Dunne July 16, 2012
Whiteboarding Ideas for a Fiction Novel using Post-Its - Arcs, Scenes, Characters, Themes and Concepts

I feel writing takes a great deal of planning before I’m happy to get typing… at least to write anything decent. I can’t just sit down (literally), day 1, chapter 1, page 1, and start writing. This needs some foreplay (figuratively) before I put pen to paper. Here’s a peek at my whiteboard for my next novel […]

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Terra Swarm (Linien Primae Terrasodes) Just Released!

by Rod Dunne July 16, 2012
Terra Swarm by Rod Dunne

Finally unleashing my sci-fi novel Terra Swarm – the first of my science fiction series featuring the autonomous anti-hero Linien Primae. TERRA SWARM by Rod Dunne Available in various formats: Kindle format (Amazon) eBook/ePub format (Lulu) Paperback format (Lulu) The Back Cover Teaser Linien Primae is awoken to answer the call of duty every Terra Swarm […]

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41 Lessons Learned From My 41 Years on This Planet

by Rod Dunne May 3, 2012

I may never discover what potpourri is for. Stephen Hawkings doesn’t know either. That makes us equals in my books. Most people don’t know what they want to do when they grow up. And most folk never will. The fun part is the journey so try to do as many jobs as possible. It’s easier […]

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Where Do Clouds Come From?

by Rod Dunne May 3, 2012

Where do clouds come from? Big chimneys on the sun And where do dreams come from? Your mother weaved them all Don’t you forget my son I told you not to hurt no-one You’ll be the judge of that Another You, another Me, another pharaoh taking liberties And just don’t stand for that Some day […]

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The One Wine I Can Ever Remember

by Rod Dunne April 20, 2012

Melbourne, Australia. 1996. The Australian housemates I lived with in Melbourne were an inspiration and shaped some of my better personality traits thanks to their good example. But before this turns into an Oscar acceptance speech, they also taught me about wine :§)> Not in a ‘swilling Blue Nun’ way or a poncey ‘Oh Marjorie […]

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Voluntary Servitude – Étienne de La Boétie

by Rod Dunne April 9, 2012

Few have heard of Étienne but his essay/discourse on voluntary servitude has been a call to arms for centuries. He was the Anonymous of the 1550′s… so to speak. His essay puts forward how leaders and tyrants are only in power because we voluntarily put them up there, and then do nothing to take them […]

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Singularity Saved the 80s Star

by Rod Dunne April 8, 2012

Another jump into the time machine to ponder could the use of a singular name by a person actually dictate the life choices you make, the control you have over your life and your creativity. I’m old enough to remember the 1980s firsthand. In particular, I can recall a time when Prince and Madonna ruled […]

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Social Media for Time Travelers

by Rod Dunne March 11, 2012

A guest post by H.G.Wells Greetings time travelers. I feel esteemed today to talk with you across space and time. However, I must highlight something which may impact our future conversations. We have been fortunate enough to be able to use Samuel Morse’s electronic telegraph for communicating our dots and dashes across the ether and […]

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Better Days

by Rod Dunne March 7, 2012

- BETTER DAYS – Seems like you’re finally getting better, its about time too In spite of all my best intentions, my reflexes drew me to mechanically observing the colors running from your face An operation to remember who’s forehead I’d once embraced Remember back into the garden, posing for another painting Nearly lost amongst […]

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Hail to My Commute Buddies

by Rod Dunne February 25, 2012

Hail to commute buddies I see every day As I go to B And you come from A Hail to the cagers All sullen and glum The traffics got worse This ain’t any fun Hail to the peddlers In bright hi-viz vests You’re healthier by far Than all of the rest Hail to my train […]

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Writer’s Reset

by Rod Dunne February 24, 2012


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The 1st Draft of Graham Linehan

by Rod Dunne February 8, 2012

“All the first draft is is the notes to write a script proper.” – Graham Linehan It takes so long to get a 1st draft, a scratch track or a first cut of anything, and involves so much effort, that you become too precious about it. Too constrained about changing it. The first draft is […]

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Fable | The Cat And The Pepper

by Rod Dunne January 26, 2011

Chinese fable commonly attributed (wrongly?) to Chairman Mao The Grandmaster summoned two of his advisers to help with an important issue. Two gentlemen arrived in his quarters and asked how they could help. The Grandmaster looked around and made eye contact sternly to evaluate the mood of the room. His reputation for being surly and […]

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The Angle Was Right

by Rod Dunne January 16, 2011

A simple fable: The Angles A small mountainside village Eugene Horto is one of the many lumber-jacks working in his small village. Each day he made the long walk through the mountain passes to where him and his friends begun chopping down large Mountain Oaks the old-fashioned way using axes. Each evening was spent sharpening […]

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