Bring Back the Mom & Pop Shop

by Rod Dunne on April 6, 2013

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On my trips to the UK & US I find myself reminiscing of my earliest trips abroad. Especially discovering little Mom & Pop shops – cafes, family run petrol/gas stations, hardware stores, bookshops, diners, B&B’s, etc.

Just seems the more I travel the more beige everything becomes.

NY is London is Dublin is LA.

The bland chain hotel, the evergreen chain coffee shop, the lurid chain gas station.

Thing is, when a big chain stumbles then thousands of employees experience the ripples of austerity.

Whereas, an archipelago of Mom & Pop are resilient.

Moreover, our archipelago of Mom & Pops help distribute the profits across a community…. f**k it, these people ARE our community.

You buy into the chain then you line the shareholders pockets.

Shop local.
Love the independents.

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