by Rod Dunne on March 13, 2012

Who is behind Squid Inky?

Rod Dunne (aka Squid Inky).

I’m the author of Terra Swarm, Erebus and Soundings, a creative writer, musician, duelist, time-traveler & bon-viveur (kidding about the last 3).

Squid Inky was the name I invented for a 3-piece band I was in back in the 80’s/90’s.

What I Do – Part 1 – Books

A major strand to the bow is various creative writing (novels, blogging, guest posts, ghostwriting, collaborative writing projects).

On the surface my books deal with major themes. The first installment ‘Terra Swarm‘ focuses firmly on positive & negative liberty. The sci-fi genre is used as the catalyst for putting these themes across, without modern day baggage.

My writing contains a natural sprinkling of suspense, intrigue, romance and humor. But dig deeper and you can unearth sub-text relating to psychology, politics, sociology, religion and philosophy.

TERRA SWARM by Rod Dunne

Synopsis: Linien Primae is awoken to answer the call of duty every Terra Swarm space explorer must face – rejoining a long established hive mother ship on the way to habitable planets. But what he finds aboard the hive makes him question the very logic and voluntary servitude his mission demanded of him.

EREBUS by Rod Dunne

Blinded by reaching journey’s end.  Marooned without hope. Seduced by fraternity. Destroyed by Erebus.

Deep-space explorer Linien Primae and the crew of the Spirit of Eden finally reach the habitable planet EREBUS. The planet’s volatile weather system and low-quality vegetation have the crew wondering whether landing had been such a good idea. A wave of terraformers had already arrived 120 years previously but they fail to welcome the newcomers.

But worse than that… they are being watched.

By conscription or by choice, the crew is marooned without hope of salvation.

SOUNDINGS by Rod Dunne

What becomes of a deep space explorer once a long-settled land is reached?Astronaut Linien Primae arrives on Aesop, a human colony 4000 years in the making.

For most arrivals, conforming to the leisure classes is a way of life, all watched over and entertained by Cybernet’s Neural Swarm.

But a society of docile unquestioning citizens makes for a sickly sort of equality.
It’s too much like voluntary servitude for Linien… and he wants none of it.

Future works: I’m working on a series of Terrasodes – episodic books detailing deep space exploration. The books will delve into the odyssey of autonomous anti-hero Linien Primae.

What I Do – Part 2 – Songwriting & Production

My first love & passion is still music composition & production. Been writing since I was 16 and enjoy nothing better than losing many hours crafting new tunes. I blog about music, along with creative writing ideas, fun concepts, etc. at

Check out my tunes on my songs page.

Why Did I Create This Blog?

These are my passion projects. SquidInky is the showcase. Further down the road I’ll release more of my songs/books commercially. Until then, SquidInky is my testing ground.

If you want to know why I started the site and am all revved up to get my writing in front of people, well, then you’ll have to read about how an inspirational quote drove me to getting this site kicking and screaming.

When Do I Post Blogs?

I try to post only once a week on Two posts a week max. Truth is, I put a lot of thought into each item I write. Each post should be a tasty morsel that folks welcome into their Inbox.

Author Rod Dunne...

Blog owner and writer Rod DunneI am the founder & sole writer on This is my personal blog detailing my creative writing. This includes novel writing (check out Terra Swarm, Erebus, and Soundings) and song writing.

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