Better Days

by Rod Dunne on March 7, 2012

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Seems like you’re finally getting better, its about time too
In spite of all my best intentions, my reflexes drew me to
mechanically observing the colors running from your face
An operation to remember who’s forehead I’d once embraced

Remember back into the garden, posing for another painting
Nearly lost amongst the shadows of the man whose life you shared
Compelled me to new disappointments, on seeing that couch, that green dress
All through those years we virtually needed no one else

See i know i’ll see you shortly, it’s about time too
Yes there were some minor holdouts, consensus never queues
The bed we shared, the love you spared, both seen better days
All those tears we both force back in to the haze our life became

Those are the days that help you appreciate
the better days and helps bring about a smile
Even when they’re difficult to
Especially when they’re difficult to

Credits: Original Lyrics by Rod Dunne – Inspired by Monet’s portrait of his wife Camille

Camille Monet on her Deathbed by Claude Monet

Camille Monet on her Deathbed by Claude Monet

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